by Fraturas

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released 01 May 2013



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Track Name: The Hatching
I inexist here and
I crave for a form
I expel sap and words
I beseech to be born

What it is
diverge from what is seen

While it seems
to curve from any meaning
Track Name: A-noosed
I'm leaving brans of skin, loose,
as I transit through sun-baked alleys
Hungry and lumpy and crippling
I stumbled into a noose
then I'm all wronged and uncombed
by the edge of a hedge - wild

Wait, there's a faint mellow murmur
spreading dimly from north
treading the air like moths

to spur my temples in cold, ruthless prods
a dwarfish beast neighbored
(giggling, all glad on its feet)
from behind a tod
as if the king himself tasked it

I broke from the silent and brooding
law fort which was blown by the east
Mooning, assuming my path was entangled
and rooted to that of that beast,
And followed my skintrail back
to where I's hatched with unending distaste
Where I am thatched with dirt, wrecked
by the end of the land - wiled

It is for me to collect it
and recite it alone
and decipher its tone

after a thousand and one days in thrall
in this mud-packed farce
I can't recall it, but I insist
on its mighty crease
over space and time, tacked then

Sleep through the foliage
under the fig tree where
you kept me hostage
and when we all become an
ornamental sheaf
you'll leaf through us
you'll smear your golden tooth

oh western wind, blow on me
so that i drip and gout from
the trembling laurel tree
then i will seethe my seams

but tell me about what you heard
in the chapel
another bell was sounding through
all the verbiage
and rippled round and down into
your sweet navel
alarmed, you blundered like a fool,
still I hold this image with me
the day was done when all your feats
were done
until dawn returned
Track Name: The Landing
Ascended through the air, like pollen
From the windowpane, you saw it falling
Then clouds commence to bait our yellow eyes
They mold and play and pace the sky like coltish brides
Birds shrill among the cedars
and swarm and wave their feathers, restlessly

"Aroint thee, witch!" - said I
around which it lied

There was a wagging beckoning, slightly caught in sight
Swirling like a plume in the breeze of July
Then came the herald with his hand-written mot,
Saying, "None of what will be will betide as you thought"

I was the false azure
No longer your measure
Track Name: Gustave
Here, he sees me coming down
through a car-toiled boulevard,
tramping the street by the roundabout

In this stupor, in this daze--
when the swelling of the hour drags us through,
our color cubes intersect for one moment
or two.

He thought, "It's sad to stay and sad to go;
the departure of the self, the enlightenment--
is it bound to be our goal?
It's an ever-distant scent."

Then he sharply turned his back to me,
accidentally rallying some flame in me--
there was a name to it, but all is lost
and frost-bitten in fractured memories

Don't let near your heart
(hard, though, as it might be)
what'll cost you your own love,
let alone the retinue of ghosts
that hover 'round your head

Here, he sees me coming down
and I toil just as he watches me
not to consume my unwilling heart
with it.
Track Name: Rivka
We will have that weather again
and droplets on the floorboards
Thicker, thicker, thicker

So blustering that I fall to sleep
And I droplet on the floorboards
Whicker, whicker, whicker

The stiff dust over,
a wall it crosses
It blusters so sleepy
that I let me drip again
Track Name: Freight Trains
The night is full of water,
so drenched and soaked and strewn
with myriad of colors
though all them merge in one

There looms the ornamental self
swallowed up by arrows,
when tiny seashells emerge from the shallow tide
piercing the wrinkled sea, unveiling what we hide

Love crosses love,
and gilds the land thereof
It hastened me
then fed me with its song
I got lost among the throng
And I sang to it,
while he was asleep:
"There is no truth to counteract!"
I'm letting myself slip
under the mat all wrapped in dead gnats
and my own dust
I can't eschew my own path
It is gashed on the ground
like thin rails

And that demurely overcast grass was a bandage
to that enormous flame assaulting me
Much like the freight train that brought him here

Then time will come to dry my own berth
When time will up and rise, I'll stanch my search

Beneath the sea,
my heart still sleeps
I grope for locks of your hair
the lair of my glaring hope.
Track Name: I, Pierre
"Mowing my fears as I walk
alone in this boiling heat
In a thunderstorm, I am
the ever-bending stalk

"Oh, memory - don't speak your finds!

"I hear the wringing screw-
chirking like shrews
I feel the whiff you
exhale through and through
And wild lilies bloom,
all blossoms wilt and soon
will my heart sink down
into the earth and brew"

By the end of this babblery,
all nooks will swoon,
and the tooth will soothe-
feel the chill in your belly!;
It does exist within yourself,
it's like a bulb of light,
although the walls swelter and falter
and begrudge you warmth.
Now it's time for you to embrace this.

"You, of all people, know
it was set in stone!
(I should have known this story
was not my own)
Life has sliced me since I left,
I lost my golden coins in a cleft
on my way here,
by the back of the house
we knew love sincere
And aligning all of our days,
laying them in rows,
nothing stirs when the wind it blows,
save what the river,
and the river only
Track Name: Deluge
And I cried in your sore arms
and blistered
And I stood in my hind legs
to find you'd fled

But where were we-
By the sea?
You lay adrift

I stand straight on my feet
and I flit
you lay just beneath me

What is it that you hide
in those eyes-
those wooden eyes

Well, you spread your water
and flood the land
And you, like me, bury yourself
in sand.
Track Name: Stampede
Waltzing right up, overhead
I halt and watch:
the tail of a star
hawks throughout the sky

I'm weaving cotton threads in the threshold
My feet are bobbing on giant mossy plank
And in the flanks of our cob-wall household
The engines turn and unfold, ruthless, the night

How long until the Will is done?
I slumber at life's low hum

So I glided in, swiftly as a bird
As though spurred, girded by mosquitoes
Shielded my nostrils with the woven shawl-
Think I'll stuff with grief all my cushions
Track Name: Like Catamites
Said, "I'll beacon what you will become,
I'll map out your humdrum tint and the
mischievous ways of that that yonder lays"

Said, "In one word, you hold the credits for
allegorizing your own vice, failing disastrously
to entice what you're enticed by"

There was a time when space and time would coincide,
lacing up the moon to its dark mire - all my desires.

I'm likely to find this haze I'm in
is encased by my own maze of leitmotifs
and I'm positive that prior to that eventful night
you jotted down a kind of lie to ease your grief
What if our lives were scattered in time?
We'd adumbrate our memory like catamites

An empty space between two shades is flecked and traced with
the grainy menace of fate, that never fades.
Track Name: Valkyries
I found valkyries
beneath your eyelids

A strained lobe;
a silk road;
plaid hose;
light drizzle.

Unjust assemblage of cluttering sounds
astounds me with its terrible flout
Blank oath - I'm flooded with vowels.

You unwind the curls of your hair
and jolt like a scathed mare.

Prone and blunted
by the drone of voices ahead
I lay holding my tantrum in me,
while a moonless night at me stares
The anodyne effect of your face
was effaced by your waning embrace
Track Name: Sun dog
I ran out of my door
in search of a story
to share with you
I've slain my time since then

All scabs were scratched off, Lord
attempting to be true to what ensued
- all but one
I've been enslaved to time since I've walked
aligning losses like the dog that tosses
hen bones

I am bound by my unwearying hope
and burdened by it, like breathing in smoke
"Shall pass, shall cast soft shades along the road,
though none is drawn on its surface", I'm told

The halting wind grew thick;
accordingly, my mind grew steeped in grease
The flood came ankle-deep,
the land was tricked to wilt its deeds,
then swallow back every leaf

I awoke from some sort of sleeping, alone,
cadenced to seasons a million years gone
The calmness of these fields yields and distends
the helplessness within my shoe, beneath my homeland.